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Horse Show Rules
The Village Farm Showing Rules

Shows & Classes: Classes entered and shows attended are to the discretion of The Village Farm.

Youth Exhibitors: All exhibitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied with a parent or guardian over the age of 25 the entire show. This guardian will be the one responsible for making sure the rider is on time and completes all tasks required.

Etiquette : Keep the stabling area neat. There are no promises of a groom and when there isn't, you must pitch in and do your equal share. Be friendly to show staff, teammates, competitors and spectators regardless of their knowledge or lack there of. This is not a full service show barn.

Schooling: Schooling areas can be congested. Maintain your gait when passing. Stopping to let someone go can lead to a pile up. Pass to the right or left shoulder to left shoulder. Have common sense, if someone is circling inside then this rules does not apply.

Horse Turnout: Horses must be clipped (fetlocks, outside of ears, face and 1” bridle path). Mane must be braided in a Classic. Regular jumper classes do not require braiding. Pulled manes for jumper classes are to be no longer than 5-6”. Tail is to be “banged” off at pasterns. During winter months body clipping may be required.

Rider Turnout: You must dress properly with polished boots (tall boots if over 13, Tailor Sportsman type breeches, acceptable collared riding shirt and hunt coat for all classes, black gloves and an APPROVED black helmet without any cover or adornments and hair neatly tucked up in hair net without wispy hairs. No dangle jewelry. For schooling classes you may wear a collared show shirt, no polo shirts.

Returning Home: Your horses work hard for you at shows. Make them comfortable after the show.1) Remove braids and wet mane until straight; 2) set up legs if in multiple over fences classes; 3) If your horse missed dinner be sure to feed him.

The 2017 show year starts on December 1, 2016. To compete at the rated shows you must be a member of USEF and USHJA. Please join as soon as possible. To join visit www.usef.org . If you have any questions with the form please let me know and I will assist you in filling it out. Obtain a horse ID number from the same organization. Also I need a copy of this document in the show book.

Become familiar with USEF rules for your division. Show respect for the judge and all the show officials. No cell phone use while mounted.

Team members are encouraged to aid teammates in preparing to enter the show ring and to cheer them on. To promote team unity and spirit: The team leaves The Village Farm together in the early hours of the morning and leaves the shows together in the afternoon, unless pre-arranged.


The following are Village Farm fees associated with showing. All levels of riders wishing to compete can be accommodated. Ask Rebecca Belmont which shows are appropriate for you prior to signing up.

Trailering Roundtrip Fees: (Per Horse)

  • BCHP $50
  • Princeton Show Jumping $35
  • Palermo $70
  • Saugerties $260
  • Swan Lake $280
  • WEF $1855 (includes layover expenses)

Day/Coaching Fees :

  • $65 - this fee includes most services. Ie: coaching, care, shared supplies, general assistance.

Show Fees: These fees are paid direct from the client to the show.

  • Stalls $250 - $350 per week
  • Tack Stall $100 - $175 per week
  • Shavings/Hay $70 - $100 per week
  • Drug Fee $12
  • Night Watch $25 - $30 per week
  • Entries: $50 per class for lower levels
  • Ticketed Schooling $25

Other Fees : These fees are paid direct from the client to the vendor.

  • Braiding $45 - $55 per competition day
  • Hotels Normally clients book their own lodging for shows


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