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Horse Show Rules
Show Groom Duties Defined

This is a guideline of what is expected of our volunteer show grooms. As you attend to the horses' and riders' needs, remember that the effort will be rewarded when it is your time to show.

Dress Code : Neat, clean and appropriate. No short shorts or revealing tops. No flip flops or sandals.

At the Farm: Arrive 15 minutes early to assist the show riders with wrapping the horses and loading the trailer.

At the Show: Help unload the horses as needed and remove shipping wraps then take the horse for a short walk not wandering too far from the trailer area. Be sure to check with trainer so that you know approximately what time to start tacking up.

Groom and tack up the horse(s) while the riders get dressed.

Check the rider over to be sure her attire is in order and her hair is neatly in hwe helmet. Do not forget their number which should be pinned to the pad on the side that will face the gate person.

Once the rider(s) are mounted re-wrap the shipping bandages and straighten trailer area. Fetch buckets of water to offer the horses throughout the rest of the day.

After everything is organized proceed to warm up area to assist with jump setting. Bring a small grooming kit with towel for last minute touch ups and a water for the rider. Be sure to check with the riders to see if they need anything and possibly assist them with course learning at the appropriate time.

At the show ring entry gate give the horse(s) a last minute grooming (wipe off dust) and flyspray if needed. Wipe down rider(s) boots. Check over the horse and rider for anything dirty or needing adjustment.

After Showing: Take the horse and cool him out with walking, remove tack and put on halter. Offer some water and continue to walk him until the rider has changed attire and is comfortable. The rider and groom are to then work together to wrap the horse for shipping and eventually load the horse back on the trailer. After the horse is on the trailer the groom and the rider are to assist other riders still showing (this is a team).

Keep the trailer organized and clean throughout the day.

Back at Home: Assist the show riders with unloading the trailer. It is the rider's responsibility to care for the horse's legs and final grooming.



Bring $$$ for snacks and drinks from the show consession or pack a bag.

Bring layers: warm days can start off very cold at 6:00am.

A rag with one corner lightly dampened can be your best friend at the in gate.

Dress hooves right before they show.

Be sure all bridle parts are in their keepers.

Wear sneakers, you will be on your feet all day.

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